Founder & CEO
Edward Kato 
 エドワード加藤 インスタグラム Japan x United Kingdom
World Fiji contest "Olympia" second place in the world. The number of followers of Instagram exceeds 100,000, and it is top class in Japan as a fitness influencer.
  • "2017JBBF Men's Physique ♕1st"
  • "2018 Arnold Classic Amateur 3rd"
  • "2018 Olympia Amateur 2nd"
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Founder & COO/Creative Director
Yasushi Kunii 
 國井恭志 インスタグラム We build results in two production companies such as WEB design, maker, advertisement, graphic production. Won first place out of 20,000 in the Apparel EC department at Store Shop Serve. Joined Slimfat Co., Ltd. after their careers. After joining the company, he was in charge of BEYOND gym creative (interior logo design etc.). Engaged with Edward and the apparel business (CRONOS) as a creative director as a startup member. As a founding member of LYFT since 2010.11, he will be engaged in exciting the fitness market.

Makihiko Kuwano 
 鍬野槙彦 インスタグラム Joined Lehman Brothers Securities, a new graduate. Engaged in corporate and industrial research work at the company and Barclays Capital Securities. At Rakuten, Inc., he is engaged in company-wide management operations, including domestic and foreign companies, and FinTech new business development such as payment and bitcoin. As a director at Any Times Co., Ltd., he leads product management and marketing of C2C applications, funding of ¥ 300 million in total, recruitment of human resources. Bachelor of Mathematics and Economics from the University of Nebraska, USA and Master of Business Administration from the EDHEC School of Business, France. Presently, President of Qnoir Co., Ltd.